Sikh Baby Boy Names Starting with B | Punjabi Boys Name Beginning Letter B

punjabi sikh names starting letter B

Sikh baby Boy Names starting with letter B.
Collection of All Punjabi Baby Boys names which are beginning with English letter "B".
Punjabi Boys names in this article are with their meaning.

If  you are searching for Sikh baby names starting with letter B, Then you are at the perfect place.
Here we have tried to gather all Punjabi names starting with "B" with meaning.

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Sikh Baby Boy Names Starting with Letter B

Preserver of Purity
The brave god
Wished for, Loved, Desired
Courageous, Warrior, Strong, Lightning, Thunder
Without end - infinity, Used to refer to the supreme being
Falcon, Music, To play An instrument, Eagle
A nick loving name

Punjabi Boys Names List starting with B 

Baninder - Word of the God of heaven

Bhag - Devotion
Bhagat - Devotional one
Bhaghwinder - Devotion to the God of heaven
Bhavan - Temple shrine
Bhavandeep - Temple lamp
Bhavjinder - Temple shrine of The God of heaven
Bhinderpal - Protected by the God of heaven
Bhupinder - God of heaven and earth
Bibi - Respected Lady
Bibinanaki - Lady of maternal family
Bindar, Binder** - An intimate particle of the God of heaven
Bir - Brave, gallant, heroic, valiant, brother or posture
Bismaadh** - Amazing
Brahamleen - Absorbed in God
Brahm - God
Brahmleen - Imbued with God

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